The gothic, Folk-Rock sounds of Kendall Core and her band are quickly becoming a compelling presence in Portland, Oregon. Her debut album ‘Crazy Dog’ is inspired by the process of grief and healing. 

The vulnerability of Core's lyrics are carried by a soulful warm tone, occasionally operatic, echoing with a haunted yearning (not without moments of diminished brightness.) Her voice cuts through, raw and pure, a perfect vehicle for slow and hard stories about the darker side of life. The lyrics are born of troublesome questions and truths leaving just a few windows where light breaks in. There is a guarded hope in her reflection along with time-worn wisdom, captivating when discovered in someone so young. 

      The overall sonic impression of the group offers a timeless and nostalgic feeling one might expect from traditional Americana roots. However, the players incorporate a heavier texture that betrays them as contemporary. 'Crazy Dog' may be the most appropriate soundtrack for a pensive and longing shift, alone on a barstool, that ends in knowing not all has fallen apart. These songs reflect the poetry and passion of visionaries like Patti Smith, Neil Young, Neko Case and Jeff Buckley. 

Crazy Dog was produced, engineered, and mixed by Justin Phelps at Hallowed Halls in Portland, Oregon. Kendall Core co-produced the album. It was mastered by John Baldwin. The record features Taylor Kingman (Guitar, Bass), Alexis Mahler (Cello), Buddy Weeks (Drums), and David Lipkind (Harmonica).