That Much Further West Podcast

May 7, 2018

With a poet’s sense for drama and eye for detail, Portland-based singer-songwriter Kendall Core delivers songs with a dark edge — the action creeps from the shadows where the truth often hides from the light of day.
— That Much Further West Podcast




 Hello Cruel World

May 3, 2018

As the guitars silently rage in the background, Core’s raw, gritty, and powerful vocals, which match the wall-shaking effects of the aforementioned Wennerstrom, tell the tale of a person on the move with no destination. A person who is impervious to all the noise and distractions, as her head “floats in the clouds”. Her lines are poetic with multitude meanings.
— The Revue
Core’s spell-casting pours vulnerability from every verse, and when the song comes to an end her howling feels both appropriate and freeing.
— Santa Rosa Records